“Brilliant People’s Schedules – The Real Story for Women Writers”


Woman writing“A couple of weeks ago, The Huffington Post published a piece called “Here’s How the World’s Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days.” Because I’m a writer — a creative person — I began to peruse the poster of “creative routines” to see how my schedule stacked up against those of brilliant people. I quickly saw that I fell short.

Victor Hugo visited his barber daily; I haven’t had a haircut in 15 months. Balzac consumed as many as 50 cups of coffee per day; I recently switched to iced green tea. Every day, Charles Darwin built in three walks and some idleness; I forgot to exercise this week. The visualizations of others’ schedules marked so much “real work” in dark green that I wondered whether my “real work” is writing, teaching or a mish-mash of loosely-related life tasks that includes laundry. I posted the link on Facebook so that I could go back to it after I’d recovered from my initial discouragement over being not very brilliant, mismanaging my time or both.”  For more, visit:  http://huff.to/RoOtuq

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