All About Reading … with a little Writing


ReadingInthetub     In the past two weeks, we’ve all heard about the 90-second reading application which enables you to read a single book in about three hours.  In my mind, I’ve compared it with trying to read the compressed credits at the end of a television program or movie.  To me, it was as much about keeping up with the speed of the rolling list as it was the size – but I finally developed a system, and it worked.  For more info on the 90-second reading app for your phone or website, please visit:

With thanks to Julien Smith, I also submit the following thread, for your perusal, for instructions on how to read a book every week.  I’ve been a member of the “book-a-week” club for some time; and, although I prefer physically turning the page to e-book reading, I think massaging your time to read a book a week when you have so many other commitments, is admirable.  For more, visit:

Finally, for those of you who are looking for another writing competition for Short Stories, here’s something that might interest you, as well:

Write it Now!




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