A 6-Minute Interview with Kurt Vonnegut

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“Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007) was an American writer.  His works such as Cat’s Cradle 1963), Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), and Breakfast of Champions (1973) blend satire, gallows humor, and science fiction.

As a citizen he was a lifelong supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union and a critical pacifist intellectual. He was known for his humanist beliefs and was honorary president of the American Humanist Association. 

The New York Times headline at the time of Vonnegut’s passing called Vonnegut “the counterculture’s novelist.” – Wikipedia, for more, visit:  http://bit.ly/1lfEJgr

To view one of his last interviews (6 minutes) before his 2005 death, visit:  http://bit.ly/1hnVFRC

Happy New Year!


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