Harper Lee Sues Her Hometown

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From Deep South Magazine, “Late last month, news came out that To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee is suing her hometown museum for its ability to profit from her work. Located in the old courthouse where Lee would sit and watch her father at work, Monroe County Heritage Museum is a must-see during any literary pilgrimage to Monroeville, Alabama. For a town that has always celebrated its hometown author, the museum is a tangible place to see the root of her inspiration and pick up a few souvenirs. It’s no secret that Monroeville has relied on its connection to Harper Lee andMockingbird to draw tourists and maintain a healthy economy, but if anything the town has shielded Lee from the public eye, not exploited her.

At age 87, she seems to feel differently now – or maybe it’s just her attorneys who do. The suit (case No. 1:13-cv-490) was filed October 10 . .  . “   For more, visit: http://bit.ly/1cY3ecy

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